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In the area of culture, in particular of cultural heritage, it is a key challenge to have South-East Europe benefit from a number of efficient networks at national and regional levels.

NGOs, scientific organizations, regional category 2 centers established under the auspices of UNESCO and specialized centers of excellence working closely with the Organization are helping to promote heritage conservation and human and institutional capacities. Global strategic issues will be addressed so as to contribute to the sustainable development of the region, such as those of: conservation, training and capacity-building, management, information, awareness raising, institutional capacities.

About projects and activities

The Best in Heritage
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The Best in Heritage Conference

Organized annually in partnership with Europa Nostra, The Best in Heritage Conference serves to identify and promote the best museum, heritage and conservation projects in the world.

UNESCO has been regularly associated to this conference in the past years, to promote the role of museums as reflective places of dialogue and understanding, as well as facilitators and mediators of cultural exchanges, particularly in the South-East European region.

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Center for restoration and conservation of monuments

Center for Restoration & Conservation of Monuments

In the context of its effort of cooperation and support provided to the Republic of Albania, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ General directorate for Cooperative Development has approved a grant for the creation of a Center for Restoration and Conservation of Monuments in Tirana and entrusted its management to the Section of Culture of UNESCO Venice Office.

This project is implemented in accordance with the Plan of Operation signed between the Government of Albania and UNESCO in June 2005

Museum for contemporary art

SEE Centre for Digitization of Cultural Heritage

In co-operation with the Italian Government, financial support was negotiated  to create a regional centre on cultural heritage digitalization in the Museum for contemporary art in Skopje. The elaboration of the Centre was undertaken by IMG (International Management Group). This project was a direct follow-up to the sub-regional workshop on cultural heritage digitalization in SEE  in co-operation with the Ministries of Culture of FYR Macedonia and Italy in 2005

© International Centre for Underwater Archaeology

International Centre for Underwater Archaeology

In January 2009 ICUA was legally recognized as an independent institution, although closely linked to Croatian Conservation Institute. The decision to establish  the center was based on the fact that Croatia was among the first countries to ratify the UNESCO’s Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage from 2001. That was the reason for UNESCO to accept the Croatian initiative to proclaim the Centre in Zadar as a regional centre (category 2) under the auspices of UNESCO.

© International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restorat

ICCROM - International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property

The decision to found the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property was made at the 9th UNESCO General Conference in New Delhi in 1956, at a time of mounting interest in the protection and preservation of cultural heritage. It was subsequently established in Rome in 1959 at the invitation of the Government of Italy.

©Institute of Folklore - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Institute of Folklore - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

National Bulgarian scientific institution, specifically guaranteeing the scientific activities of preserving the intangible cultural heritage (ICH).

The Regional Seminars of experts in the field of intangible cultural heritage in South-Eastern Europe, organized in Arbanasi, Bulgaria in 2007, by the Insitute of Folklore - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences with the support of UNESCO Venice and of the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture.

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Historical Centre of Gjirokastra

Restoration of the Historical Centre of Gjirokastra

In the context of an agreement establishing a self-benefiting Funds-in-Trust in favour of the restoration of the historical centre of Gjirokastra inscribed on the World Heritage List since 2005, the project aims at assisting the Albanian authorities in their efforts to safeguard the historic centre of Gjirokastra through the preparation and improvement of management plans, the restoration of historic monuments and capacity-building activities in the field of heritage preservation and management.

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