Safeguarding of Cultural Heritage in Kosovo*

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Protection and conservation of a multi-ethnic heritage in danger

Responding to the events of March 2004 in Kosovo*, to the attacks on the region’s rich cultural heritage, it was declared that it was not only monuments but also “memory and cultural identity” that were being destroyed.

Recalling the spirit of the Ohrid Declaration, approved by all the Heads of State of the region in August 2003, in which they stressed the role that cultural heritage could play as a potent symbol of the identity of peoples and as a factor of reconciliation, UNESCO has developed a framework for coordinating the contributions of the international community towards the restoration, reconstruction and protection of cultural heritage in Kosovo*.

Medieval Monuments in Kosovo* inscribed on the World Heritage List

The Dečani Monastery was built in the mid-14th century for the Serbian king Stefan Dečanski and is also his mausoleum. The Patriarchate of Peć Monastery is a group of four domed churches featuring series of wall paintings. The 13th-century frescoes of the Church of Holy Apostles are painted in a unique, monumental style. Early 14th-century frescoes in the church of the Holy Virgin of Ljevisa represent the appearance of the new so-called Palaiologian Renaissance style, combining the influences of the eastern Orthodox Byzantine and the Western Romanesque traditions. The style played a decisive role in subsequent Balkan art. - More


Cultural Heritage in South-East Europe Publications

Cultural Heritage in South-East Europe: KOSOVO*

SEE edition featuring UNESCO mission in Kosovo* and extensive field visits outside Priština (March 2003)
Cultural heritage in South-East Europe; 1
Publ: 2003;
154 p., illus.*. - read

Cultural heritage in South-East Europe: KOSOVO*

protection and conservation of multi-ethnic heritage in danger, mission report, 26-30 April 2004
Cultural heritage in South-East Europe; 2
Publ: 2004; 63 p., illus., map*. - read

Protection and Preservation of Cultural Heritage in KOSOVO*

45- page colour consolidated summary of main working documents of the International Donors Conference. May 2005
Publ: 2005; 44 p., illus.*. - read


Cultural Heritage in South-East Europe Publications

Kosovo* ( in accordance to UN Security Council Resolution 1244, dated 1999) 

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