Illicit Traffic of Cultural Property

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In addition to a vigorous lawful trade, which contributes to the appreciation of various forms of art and varieties of cultural expressions, an international illicit traffic is steadily growing.

Theft, looting, illicit importation and exportation of cultural property are well-known practices, which touch first and foremost archaeological sites, religious edifices, cultural institutions and museums as well as public and private collections in the worldwide.

Enhancing the protection of cultural objects, the fight against illicit trafficking in them, and the development of museums, particularly in developing countries. Activities include the illicit traffic reduction and prevention in South East Europe

Normative Action

To better fight such phenomenon, multilateral treaties have been elaborated:  

An information note has been prepared to facilitate the understanding of the complimentarity between and the functioning of the 1970 UNESCO Convention and the 1995 UNIDROIT Convention - More


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