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Achieving SUSTainability through an integrated approach to the management of CULTural heritage

Started in January 2011, SUSTCULT is a European Union 3-year-project co-funded by the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme - Jointly for our common future. The project focused on integrated and innovative approaches and tools for improving cultural heritage site management throughout the South-East European region. The SUSTCULT Final Conference will take place on 8 April 2014 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

© - Linking Biological and Cultural Diversity in Europe

Linking Biological and Cultural Diversity in Europe

In 2014, in the context of Joint Programme on the Links between Biological and Cultural Diversity (JP-BiCuD), a series of regional workshops and conferences are being organized in Europe and North America, Asia and the Pacific, Arab region, Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean. The first conference will take place in Florence, Italy, to address the links between biological and cultural diversity from the European perspective.

©G. Rodinos – View of the Bridge of Gorica, Berat (Albania)

Balkan Bridges Speak. Third edition in Berat, Albania

The “Balkan Bridges Speak” project features round tables on some of the Organization’s priority areas of work in the field of Culture, artistic performances, public readings, and provides an opportunity for literary personalities, national and local authorities, experts, private partners and universities of the sub-region to share experiences. It aims to enhance creativity, dialogue and cultural exchanges, to inspire innovative and creative approaches to the safeguarding of heritage and culture sensitive development policies.

© T. County - What makes us different

Understanding and Appreciating Cultural Diversity – an Impetus for Cross-cultural Cooperation for and by Youth

On 3 April 2014, the National Commission for UNESCO is organizing a public meeting to kick-start a cross-border project to enhance intercultural dialogue and cultural cooperation among youth in The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Albania, through ICTs-based activities. The project especially aims at empowering youth and youth leaders from the two countries to share ideas, knowledge and experiences about understanding and appreciating the diversity of cultural expressions.

© Expo Milano 2015 - Feeding the Planet, energy for Life

Expo 2015 - Best Sustainable Development Practices in Food Security Competition

The Best Sustainable Development Practices in Food Security competition is part of the Expo “Feeding Knowledge” program, launched in 2012 by Expo Milano 2015 with the objective of identifying priorities and key issues to reduce food insecurity. The Best Practices will be promoted through a technological platform, which will become part of the Expo 2015 legacy. Expo Milano 2015 is launching a call aimed at the recognition and promotion of “Best Sustainable Development Practices on Food Security”.

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The National History Museum of Romania is the third host of the travelling exhibit ‘Imagining the Balkans’

The exhibit is part of UNESCO’s global initiative “Culture: a Bridge to Development” and it seeks to enhance cooperation and dialogue among national history museums. It focuses on the constitution and evolution of modern nations in South-East Europe during the “long 19th century. It will be inaugurated  at the National Museum of History of Romania on 28 November at 5 pm. The exhibit will be on display until 27 April 2014 and travel  to other countries from South-East Europe in 2014-2015.