Meet our interns

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Basic information is given about the intern (name and country of origin), the internship (year and duration) and a link provide to the news article released.

Maria Chiara Stefanelli

Maria Chiara Stefanelli

Jermina Stanojev

Jermina Stanojev

2014 Catherine Dezio

Catherine Dezio

© Clara Marshall

Clara Marshall

©Vera Monaco

© Kate Allison

Kathryn Allison

© Giulia Frigimelica – Burano

Giulia Frigimelica

© Stefano Facchinetti

Stefano Facchinetti

©Kruna Krstic

Kruna Krstic

©Laura Schilz

Laura Schilz

© Tobias Mohn

© Ketevan Shengeliya

Ketevan Shengeliya

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