Title :  Improving Cultural Understanding in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

Country : Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thematic Window : Culture and Development

Participating UN organisations : UNDP, UNESCO, UNICEF

Signing partners : Ministry of Civil Affairs

Source of funds : Spanish MDG Achievement Fund


Designed to improve cross-cultural understanding in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and promote the country’s unique multicultural identity. Areas of focus  include the policy/legal framework in the cultural and educational sectors, community-based interventions to increase cross-cultural understanding, promotion of the Cultural Industry Sector, and promoting BiH’s unique multicultural identity. Using a participatory approach to guide interventions at policy and municipal levels, the joint programme intends to maximize the economic and social benefits of cultural development and make a contribution to the reconciliation process.

Millenium Development Goals addressed

  • Goal 0: Millennium Declaration: an enabling environment (human rights, democracy and good governance)
  • Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  • Goal 2: Achieve universal primary education
  • Goal 3: Promote gender equality and empower women
  • Goal 8: Develop a global partnership for development

Project details

Total Budget in USD : $ 8,000,000 | UNESCO Budget as UN Participating Organization (amount broken down) : $ 1,717,184 | Geographic focus : Bosnia and Herzegovina  | Started : January 2009 |  | End date : June 2012  | Status : Closed | Keywords : Understanding, inclusion, progress, symbols, tolerance


28 October 2008 : Official Signing Ceremony in Sarajevo | 11 December 2008 : Official Joint Programme start date | August 2009 : inception report finalized and endorsed | July 2010 : MDG-F Secretariat undertakes Midterm evaluation  | 5 July 2011: UNESCO's Culture for Development Indicator Suite for Bosnia and Herzegovina officially presented |1 Oct 2011: Culture management educational trainings for 15 public cultural institutions completed  | 29 March 2012: inauguration of the rehabilitated Spanish Square in Mostar and visit of HRH King of Spain Juan Carlos | 24 April 2012: Cultural Statistics Methodology presented; 30 June 2012: Closing date of JP | 3 July 2012: Final closing event held

Main achievements

  • Action Plan for Implementation of Cultural Strategy developed;
  • Cultural statistics methodology introduced
  • Cross-cultural understanding improved through 30 local sub-projects;
  • Improved cross-cultural understanding shown in 84 primary schools.
  • Cultural industries recognized as an important and separate industry sector for the first time. New methodology for capturing information about the sector being prepared.
  • “Learning to Live Together”, a Resource Material for Interfaith Ethics Education, was translated and published in 3 Local Languages

MDG-F Focus Country Initiative

 Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of nine countries from different regions of the world selected in 2009 to receive additional support for the rigorous implementation of advocacy and communication and monitoring and evaluation strategies at the national level. As a “MDG-F Focus Country”, the UN Resident Coordinator’s office is implementing a 3-year $500,000 programme designed for the development and implementation of innovative and effective initiatives in addressing the MDGs. The rationale behind allocating this extra support is to stimulate creative and innovative interventions related to both Advocacy and M&E that can be highlighted as exemplary cases of collective action and impact on issues of poverty and the MDGs.


United Nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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2008 Brochure United Nations in BiH

Publication prepared by: United Nations Communication Group. Year of production: 2008

Contents :

- Where are we and why we are here?
- Who are we and what do we do?
- The United Nations Main Development Cooperation Partners in BiH
- The Challenges Ahead
- 60 ways the United Nations makes a difference
- UN Agencies in BiH
- United Nations Major Publications in BiH

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