Title :  Enhancing Inter-Ethnic Community Dialogue and Collaboration

Country : The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Thematic Window: Conflict prevention and peacebuilding

Participating UN organisations : UNDP, UNICEF, UNESCO

Signing partners : Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Source of funds : Spanish MDG Achievement Fund


Designed  to facilitate the establishment of a functional conflict transformation system by strengthening capacity at the local and national levels, as well as promoting a multi-cultural civic identity.

The Programme will facilitate a systemic linkage among existing responsible mechanisms at national and local levels, building conflict resolution expertise where none exist. It will enhance the capacity of central and local bodies to facilitate inclusive problem-solving processes and consensus-building around community priorities. To strengthen the commitment to an inclusive civic national identity with respect to diversity, the Programme will support the longer term role of education, and work with local leaders, civil society and the media to facilitate constructive civic dialogue that promotes inter-cultural awareness and values informing peaceful co-existence.

Download the Brochure : Enhancing Inter-Ethnic Community Dialogue and Collaboration [PDF;236kb]

Millenium Development Goals addressed

  • Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
  • Goal 2: Achieve universal primary education

Project details

Budget in USD : $ 4,000,000 | UNESCO Budget as UN Participating Organization (amount broken down) : $  926,000 | Geographic focus : The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia | Started : July 2009 | End date : July 2012 | Status : Closed| Keywords : Cohesion, capacities, diversity, identity, ethnicity


2 July 2009 : Official Signing Ceremony in Skopje | 29 July 2009 : Official Joint Programme start date | 09 November 2009 : National Professional Officer (NPO) in Skopje, Zojka Naskova, joins UNESCO | 24 February 2010 : Launch event held in Skopje | May 2010 : Joint Programme Office moves to UNICEF premises |  6-8 May 2012: Second World Conference on Inter-Religious and Inter-Civilization Dialogue| 28 July 2012: Operational Closure of JP | 30 November 2012: Financial Closure of JP

Main Achievements
  • Key national and local institutions made significant progress in strengthening inter-ethnic dialogue, collaboration and coordination.
  • Grant scheme implemented to enhance the role of civil society in the area of inter-ethnic relations.
  • Relations between ethnic communities and local self-governments strengthened;
  • Digital educational content developed and launched in school to promote multi-culturalism and inter-ethnic relations in schools; 
  • Life Skills Based Education curriculum developed and adopted as compulsory for all secondary schools in the country;
  • Youth centers providing joint extra-curricular activities established in the cities of Kumanovo, Kicevo and Struga;
  • Representatives of civil society organizations and community leaders trained in dispute resolution methodologies;
  • Grants implemented to enhance inter-ethnic dialogue in universities and three pilot municipalities;
  • “Diversity Reporting” handbook distributed to journalists offering guidelines on how to reflect country’s diversity


Map disclaimer

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