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In order to support Member States of the South Eastern Europe (SEE) in defining their policies for science, the UNESCO Venice Office, in collaboration with the Southeastern European Network in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics (SEE MTP) has initiated a mapping of research centres/institutes established in the Region.

The database, shall provide the knowledge of basic indicators in an attempt to gain broader insights in the scientific fields related to mathematics and physics. In particular, the research quality and infrastructures as well as the inherent potentialities to advance scientific network process and scientific cooperation in the Region.

Structure of the Survey

SEE MP e-Survey online questionnaire

Defined under 8 headings :

1. General Data;
2. Financial Profile;
3. Research Staff Profile;
4. Research Infrastructures;
5. Performance Profile;
6. Research and Educational Programmes;
7. Regional and International Cooperation;
8. Dissemination of Scientific Information.

Further codification and cross-tabulation analysis of the data collected will lead to statistically relevant macro-findings, possibly useful to policy makers, scientific communities and other stakeholders engaged in science and research policies at national, regional and international levels.

Project Timeframe

  • March 2010Identification and formulation list of Research centres-institutions on Mathematics and Physics within/outside SEENET-MTP in SEE 
  • April 2010 : Active on going monitoring and interim assessment of the surveying process under the auspices of UNESCO Venice Office. Meetings (2)
  • June 2010  Data collation conclusion phase 
    Data processing and evaluation phase to be performed by the Social Studies department of Craiova

Slides - EBES2010

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