SEE Scientific Cooperation

During the World Conference on Science for the 21st. Century: A New Commitment (WCS), June 1999, Hungary, the Science Agenda - Framework for Action adopted specified that:

"UNESCO should develop concrete initiatives for international scientific cooperation … in particular on regional basis”.

SEE Network on Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

SEE Network on Mathematics and Theoretical Physics website

The participants of the UNESCO-sponsored BALKAN WORKSHOP BW2003 recognized the importance, as well as the necessity, to provide the framework for the institutional capacity-building in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics covering the different educational levels in science education and bridging the gap between Southeastern and Western European scientific community.

Within the years 2004-2007, 14 institutions from 6 countries in the region joined the Network partner institutions all over the world as well as about 140 individual members - More

SEE Network in Astronomy

Sub-Regional European Astronomical Committee website

The Sub-Regional European Astronomical Committee (SREAC) was established within the framework of the UNESCO "Enhancing astronomical research and observation in South-East Europe and Ukraine" project

Its main objective is to elaborate and implement a sub-regional strategy for the development of astronomy in South-East Europe and Ukraine and to strengthen astronomical co-operation in the sub-region, and between the region and countries outside - More

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