Designated sites to foster Sustainable Development

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Durmitor Mountains - Natural site. World Heritage

UNESCO has long been concerned with activities related to sustainable development, contribution to many of the streams of action generated by the UN Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio in 1992.

UNESCO's actions through its Office in Venice are aimed at developing and promoting world heritage sites and MAB Biosphere Reserves as model regions and learning places in various fields of competence of the organization, such as:  sustainable tourism development and quality economy development, education for sustainable development (as a contribution to UN-DESD); natural risk preparedness (contributing to the relevant platform),  territorial governance of specific sites, and energy efficiency. UNESCO has an institutional role of networking support.

What is Sustainable Development?

Dinaric Arc Initiave

DAI - Dinaric Arc Initiave is a partnership of WWF, UNESCO Venice, UNDP, IUCN,  the Council of Europe, FAO, Euronatur and SNV, who joined forces and are active in the region with a varied portfolio of projects and initiatives aimed at securing the long-term conservation and sustainable development of this part of Europe.It is a broad framework of collaboration which aims to add value to the on-going programmes and activities of all its partners.

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