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In 1971, the hydrologists of 8 Danube Countries launched on a voluntary basis a regional hydrological cooperation aiming to produce consistent hydrological information about the whole Danube Catchment with an area of 817,000 km². 

Since 1987, this cooperation has been carried out in the framework of the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) of UNESCO, so far under the coordination of the IHP National Committees of Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.


The cooperation of the Danube countries within framework of the IHP of UNESCO is based on the one hand on project work and on the other on regular conferences. The aim of the conferences is to serve as a forum for discussion and exchange of views among the specialists involved. 

The Ist Conference was held in Budapest (Hungary) in 1961. The XXIVth Conference of the Danube Countries on Hydrological Forecasting and Hydrological Bases of Water Management took place in Bled (Slovenia) in 2008. The next Conference is to be convened in Budapest (Hungary) in 2011.

Download : full list of Conferences of the Danube Countries.

Expert Meetings

Since 1987, Working Group (WG) meetings of experts - representatives of the IHP UNESCO National Committees of the Danube Countries are scheduled on a yearly basis in one of the 18 member countries in order to coordinate the projects.

Download : full list of Working Group meetings


XXIVth Conference of the Danubian Countries 2008

Eight projects and 9 sub-projects:

  • Project 1: Regime of the suspended load and bed load of the Danube river
  • Project 2: Thermal and ice regime of the Danube river and its major tributaries
  • Project 3: Long-term fluctuations of precipitation in the Danube basin
  • Project 4: Flood coincidence in the Danube river and its major tributaries
  • Project 5: Update of the Hydrological Monograph of the Danube river basin
  • Project 6: River bed conditions of the Danube river
  • Project 7: Regionalisation of the annual maximum runoff
  • Project 8: Hydrological bibliography related to the Danube basin

Download : full list of Projects


  • 1/a. The Danube and its Catchment. A hydrological monograph
  • 1/b. The Danube and its Catchment. A hydrological monograp
  • 1/c. Hydrology of the river Danube.The Danube Monograph
  • 2. Suspended sediment and bed-load regime of the Danube
  • 3. Temperature and ice regime of the Danube and its major tributarie
  • 4. Coincidence of flood flow of the Danube River and its tributaries.
    Follow-up volume No. IV. to the Danube Monograph
  • 5. The fords of the Danube. Follow-up volume No. V/1 to the Danube Monograph
  • 6. Palaeogeography of the Danube and its Catchment. Follow-up volume No. V/2 to the Danube Monograph
  • 7. Channel training of the Danube River. Follow-up volume No. V/3 to the Danube Monograph
  • 8. Danube River Basin Coding. Follow-up volume No. VI to the Danube Monograph
  • 9. Regional analysis of annual peak discharges in the Danube Catchment. Follow-up volume No. VII to the Danube Monograph
  • 10. Inventory of the main hydraulic structures in the Danube Basin. Follow-up volume No. VIII/2 to the Danube Monograph 


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