Water, a precious and irreplaceable source of life! Towards a Global Network of Water Museums

Towards a Global Network of Water Museums – A Common Heritage for a Sustainable Future

Despite unprecedented technological progress - or perhaps, rather, because of this - water today is increasingly imperiled by climate change, pollution, waste, quality degradation, and even indifference. Within such a context, the Global Network of Water Museums is an initiative addressed to authorities and citizens who believe wholeheartedly in preserving water - whether surface or underground - together with its cultural and historical dimensions, which still evocatively narrate the special and unique relationship of humanity with this most precious source of life.

The need to reinterpret our inherited and multiple “water worlds” is extremely challenging. The creation of a Global Network of Water Museums could give a valuable impetus to the emergence of new perspectives concerning water sustainability, connecting past and present water uses and management practices with future needs; that is, paving the way for a paradigm change in water management, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

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