Leading up to the year 2015, the United Nations is planning a series of consultations to help shape the post-2015 agenda with support from Civil Society coalitions including the Global Call to Action Against Poverty, CIVICUS and the Beyond 2015 Campaign, which have been organising Civil Society engagement in post-2015 discussions.

This process includes the creation of a High Level Panel, over 50 national and thematic consultations, community based discussion and a Global Online Conversation - all of which will contribute to a vision for The World We Want beyond 2015.

Thematic consultations

National consultations

The national consultations are intended to foster an inclusive multi-stakeholder process and advocate for a Post-2015 development agenda informed by national and local priorities. National stakeholders in at least 56 countries will come together to exchange inputs and ideas for a shared global vision of "The Future We Want", in an inclusive and open debate with relevant knowledge on development challenges, opportunities and solutions.

The consultations will seek to ensure that the vision of the world we want to live in takes into account the perspectives from a broad base of civil society, marginalized groups, and others previously left out of discussions on development priorities.

The criteria for selection of the initial 56 countries are provided in the Guidelines for country consultations . The aim is to facilitate the largest possible number of national consultations. Thus the following provisiona list does not preclude support to other countries.

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