Whose is this song?

Having followed a path of national restructuring of their societies, the people of South-East Europe may find themselves still separated by territorial borders but also those of ideology, language and affiliation. As a result, they are often surprised when in contact with one another to find how many cultural elements they have in common.

Often, the ownership of the same song can be disputed in a divisive way while the region shares a common legacy in terms of history, lifestyles, and experiences. So, whose is this song? Don’t we after all share a common past, common traditions, a common culture? Having become overwhelmed by our differences, we have forgotten our closeness. [more]

Whose is this Song? [Multimedia] Documentary film, 2003, by Adela Peeva Serbs, Greeks, Turks, Bulgarians, Bosnians and others can dispute in a divisive way the ownership of the same popular song, but music can also unite collective memories and personal stories.

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