UNESCO Forum: Fostering cultural creativity in South-East Europe

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Within the framework of the new global initiative “Culture: a Bridge to Development”, launched by the Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, the UNESCO Venice Office organized a regional forum in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 17 March 2012, which aimed at enhancing with various professionals from the region the debate of the role of culture and creativity in fostering sustainable development, social cohesion and integration.

This forum, entitled “Balkan visions: Creativity for the future”, was organized in cooperation with the Sofia International Film Festival (9-25 March 2012), leading film festival in Bulgaria, on the occasion of the “Sofia Meetings”, with the support of the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and the Sofia Municipality. It was structured around 3 thematic round-tables: cinema (“Putting a country on the international film map: experiences from South-East Europe”), creative cities (“New urban spaces and creativity: fostering creative cities for development in South-East Europe”), and new media arts (“Art and innovation: developing new media arts in South-East Europe”).

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