Cultural and Development : Mithras Temple in Jajce

Photo credit : ©UN in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Inauguration day of Mithras Temple in Jajce

Support was given to the reconstruction of the country’s most valuable cultural heritage, including the mysterious Mithras Temple of Jajce in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Mithras Temple dated 4th century AD was officially open in Jajce on 4 December, 2012. The rehabilitation of the site was done within the MDG-F Joint Programme on “Improving Cultural Understanding in Bosnia and Herzegovina” under the thematic window "Culture and Development" and extensive works were financed by the Government of Spain, the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, the Jajce Municipality and the Federal Institute for Protection of Cultural Heritage.

The temple dates from 4th century AD and was first discovered in 1930. Due to poor conditions in the past 80 years, the monument’s condition was deteriorating. The new facility fully covers and protects Mithreum. This cult was wide spread in the Roman Empire, including Dalmatia Province that was covering most of the territory of today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Photo credit :  ©United Nations in Bosnia and Herzegovina; ©Agencija-za Zastitu Bastine Jajce