Tuvalu Pavilion: Destiny intertwined

Animal Victims’ and an Oil Pump ‘Slaughter’ Machine-Taiwanese Artist Vincent J.F. Huang uses dark humour to raise awareness on the climate crisis engulfing the small paradise island of Tuvalu. The Pavilion of the island of Tuvalu located in the South Pacific is on display for the first time at the  Venice Biennale - 55th International Art Exhibition from 1 June until 24 November 2013.

Tuvalu, the Polynesian island is in serious trouble with climate change expected to push sea levels higher. The time is quickly approaching where the island will be unable to sustain life in any form. Facing a future whose only certainty is change, small island developing states are confronted with many problems and difficulties – some intrinsic and timeless, others extrinsic and new – in making progress towards survival, sustainable living and sustainable development.

Photo credit : ©Tuvalu Pavilion/Vincent Huang