Water for Life Book and Manual

The manual and book titled "Water for Life" were presented on 3 November 2011 at a ceremony during which students from 13 primary schools across Bosnia and Herzegovina received awards for their projects in the field of water protection. Representatives of UN agencies have praised the exceptional interests of all schools that participated in the programme and the students' creativity in solving problems relating to their peers and communities.

Starting this year, the manual and book "Water for Life” will be used as a handy tool in the curriculum in primary and secondary schools, and represents a novelty in approach to teaching younger generations about the importance of the issue of water. Even though there are differences in the way people relate to water worldwide, we now all recognize its value and that it holds a central place in people's lives. This is why the UN General Assembly, under the slogan "Water for Life" declared the period 2005 - 2015 as the decade of water.

Photo credit : © UN Bosnia and Herzegovina