H2Ooooh! Information Kit

The Information KIT has been prepared in order to provide all the necessary information on the H2Ooooh! initiative, as well as practical tools that should help promote and animate it in your region.

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Purple : Presentation

All the necessary information on the  H2Ooooh! initiative, as well as  practical tools for its promotion in all regions. 

The kit is composed of 5 information sheets, each having a different colour and purpose: •  Purple : Presentation • Blue : The Idea • Magenta : Information • Yellow : Schools • Orange : Drops of water • Green : Celebrating.

Blue : The Idea

Story of the Italian H2Ooooh! pioneer project, as a source of inspiration to  contribute to the production of a second, international series of cartoons. 

Phases: • information phase • operational phase for schools • collection of materials produced by schools and selection of 26 storyboards • graphic production of the selected storyboards into animated cartoons • communicating results and broadcasting.

Magenta : Information

For UNESCO colleagues in Regional Offices keen on promoting the initiative in their Region, it specifies which actions they should take and the support they should give.

Overview:  • Instructions for National Coordinators  • Promotion in schools  • Collection of Materials  • Selection of the Storyboards  • Cartoon production  • Broadcasting/Television transmission and Work plan/Timing

Yellow : Schools

Provides all interested schools with clear, detailed instructions on how to work on a subject for a H2Ooooh! cartoon, develop a storyboard using the Pet Pals characters and submit it to their national coordinator.

How to create a H2Ooooh! storyboard; how to collectively think and illustrate specific water issues which require further study and one page of the storyboard; how to draw the Pet Pals.

Orange : Drops of water

Scientific/technical data on water issues. Resources for promoters of the initiative and teachers using their participation in the initiative to raise awareness and learn about issues of concern.

Water covers 70.9% of Planet Earth. It is a vital for our survival as well as a rare, valuable resource. The Earth’s water is mainly found in the oceans and seas but saltwater is not usable (97.2%). The freshwater available on Earth is only 2.8% .

Green : Celebrating

Promotion of H2Ooooh! and celebration meeting of all the young creators of the cartoons.

The project will be presented during the General Conference of UNESCO in October 2011 and to conclude the initiative on two particular occasions: the first one during the international Festival “Ciak Junior” in May 2013, the second one during the General Conference of UNESCO in October 2013.

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