The objective of the H2Ooooh! initiative is to receive by the end of 2011 a regional selection of the best subjects from all 5 UNESCO regions : Africa, Arab States, Asia and Pacific, Europe and North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

A new series of 26 cartoons – international and expressing the highest possible variety of viewpoints on a same issue - will be produced by Gruppo Alcuni’s animation staff and launched on the occasion of the XXIII edition of the Ciak Junior International  Festival (2012), in the presence of a selection of youngsters from all over the world.

The only practicable way so that information can reach youngsters is that of involving them directly into the activity of education.

The H2Ooooh! initiative definitely goes in this direction. It proposes to deal with some very topical themes related to water, while encouraging youngsters to actively give their creative contribution to such issues. Youth can share their own experience and  proposals for the protection of the environment. 

In each episode a child or a group of children discover a “problem” related to water. Young people are very sensitive to sea and aquifer pollution caused by industries.

The protagonists, the Pet Pals, not only try to understand the causes of a problem but also propose a practicable solution to it. Despite the complexity of the issues dealt with, in every episode an attempt  is made to make young viewers aware that finding a solution is possible, also thanks to their help. Their collective effort may take shape by throwing light on the problem, by having a correct behaviour and by sensitizing their parents and adults.

The H2Ooooh! initiative is addressed to school students aged 6 to 14 and to their teachers. It is open to all types of schools.

Students will create a storyboard on a water issue/theme such as :use and exploitation of the resource, pollution and safeguarding, limited availability and recycling water, etc. Through their stories, students will be providing a creative contribution to the subject of water. They will also have an opportunity to share with their peers in a new and amusing format, their experiences and proposals for protecting the environment.

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