How to create an H2Ooooh! storyboard

The main objective of the storyboard is to collectively think and illustrate specific water issues which require further study. Once the theme/issue is identified the next step involves drawing/illustrating the main scenes in the storyboard. The storyboard is basically an illustrated script which contains all the relevant information and details of the story itself.

One page of the storyboard contains:

  • space for the numbering of the scene
  • space for the duration of the scene
  • space for the drawing(s)
  • space for the captions/dialogue boxes
  • space for including remarks and notes for the director

How to draw the Pet Pals

By following the simple instructions all of the six Pet Pals can be easily drawn. They will be the actors which will be used to convey your message.

©Gruppo Alcuni - Pet Pals

For example, to draw Holly (the kitten) begin with a circle:

Then add her eyes and nose to complete the sketch.

©Gruppo Alcuni - Pet Pals

Thanks to this simple sketching method of the head other features can be easily added. The other Pet Pals can be easily drawn using this technique.

©Gruppo Alcuni - Pet Pals

©Gruppo Alcuni - Pet Pals

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