FLOODIS is a collaborative European Community project, funded under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7-SPACE-2013-1), to provide a flood information service that aims at better addressing and mitigating crisis situations arising before, during and after heavy flooding.

FLOODIS will utilize services like GIO-EMS (GMES/Copernicus European Emergency Service) and EFAS (European Flood Awareness Service), to produce alerting and management information on the occurring flood events with high-accuracy, location-based information from the Disaster Management teams, Civil Protection Agencies and citizens, acting as “human sensors”. The FLOODIS solution aims to close a critical gap for Disaster Management teams and Emergency Response Units by providing a centralized comprehensive platform to collect, store and elaborate the information related to the emergency events coming from different sources, including user generated content and social networks analysis.

In order to achieve this the FLOODIS system will depend on four key components:

  • a web-based data management and support system that will act as the system back-end, to ingest and elaborate information and precisely geolocate users’ information through the EGNOS/EDAS services,
  • an interface system to receive Earth Observations imagery and data from the EMS and utilize a novel flood forecast model based on EO data and on-field user-generated information,
  • a professional application for emergency response teams to support the emergency event management, and
  • a smart phone application for citizens, with which users can contribute to the system (“human sensors”) and receive alerting information.

A key and innovative capability of the system will be the ability of the user to send back information on the actual situation ‘in the field’ (e.g. text information and pictures of flooded infrastructure) to the FLOODIS back-end system for ingestion and subsequent dissemination to all other users. As such, it will serve to provide up-to-date local information to Disaster Management Centres (DMCs), Civil Protection Agencies (CPAs), Emergency Response Units (ERUs) as well as affected citizens.

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