Intersectoral & Crosscutting actions - List of Themes

Intersectoral & Crosscutting actions - Themes Abstracts

Risk Preparedness
UNESCO Venice Office's actions in the field of risk-preparedness is focused mainly on risks of particular importance in the SEE and Mediterranean Region such as seismology, but also flood and sea level rising (through the connection with other activities in the field of integrated water management – and WH sites ).
Education for Sustainable Development
UNESCO Venice Office's activities in the field of Education for Sustainable Development in BRs. with as the major goal to further refine and finalize Training Material for ESD in Biosphere Reserves in SEE and the Mediterranean.
Gender Equality
UNESCO Venice Office's activities in relation to gender equality with particular attention to: mainstreaming gender equality issues; promoting women’s empowerment and ensuring that the specific rights and needs of women and girls.
Sustainable Tourism
UNESCO Venice Office's activities in relation to Sustainable Tourism Development in UNESCO Designated Sites which serves to enhance a wider-network of “learning platforms”.
Venice & its Lagoon
UNESCO Venice Office's action towards the future of Venice and its Lagoon in a context of global change (economic globalization, climate change, and profound social transformations).
H2Ooooh! initiative
Gruppo Alcuni in collaboration with UNESCO and RAI Fiction developed a first 3-D animated television series, focusing on the issue of water protection and sustainable use. Today, the H2Ooooh! initiative is expanding worldwide.
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