Maria Victoria Peralta, Chile

Maria Victoria holds a Master’s degree in Education and Social Sciences and a Ph.D. in Education. Having worked as preschool teacher and researcher and being author of numerous publications in early childhood, she has held important positions in Chile to direct and manage normative institutions and pre-school care. She was the National Coordinator of Preschool Education in the Chilean Ministry of Education (2002-2006) – one of the remarkable achievements she made was the development of a national early childhood education curriculum for children ages 0-6 in a participatory manner. She has served as adviser of the Government of Chile on early childhood in almost all Latin American countries.

Maria Victoria has undertaken consultancy work for different international organizations, such as OAS, UNICEF, UNESCO, IDB, WFP and OEI, in the area of early childhood. Currently, she is Director of an MSc programme in Early Childhood Education, and Director of the International Institute for Early Childhood Education at the Central University in Chile. She is a member of the Committee of Experts of Latin Americans associate of the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), and recently was elected as Vice President for Latin America of OMEP for the term 2008-2010.

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