Recognizing Potential of ICT in Early Childhood Education

Organizer: UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE)

Time and date: 18:30-19:30, Tuesday 28 September 2010
Room: Neva 
Languages: English, Russian 

UNESCO IITE has a new report based on the study focusing on collecting and classifying cases (best practices) of effective and productive integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into early childhood education. The main goal of this study is to better understand the phenomenon of ICT and its potential for addressing and supporting complex development of children before they go to primary school. The objectives of the Special Event are to:

  • Discuss the state-of-the-art and prospects of developing early childhood education by means of ICT;
  • Share strategies for developing ICT capabilities in early childhood education services with eight concrete recommendations, and for ensuring children’s safety and health; and
  • Motivate and inspire early childhood educators and policy makers all over the world to either start or further develop and support the agenda of integrating ICT into early childhood education as part of their national strategies for education.

Moderator: Dendev Badarch, Acting Director, UNESCO IITE  

Professor I. Kalaš, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovak Republic
T. Kuzmishina, Moscow City University of Psychology and Education, Russian Federation

A. Semenov, Rector, Moscow Institute of Open Education, Russian Federation
V. Rubtsov, rector, Moscow City University of Psychology and Education, the Russian Federation
M. Tsapenko, the Department of Education of the City of Moscow, the Russian Federation
I. Burlakova, Moscow City University of Psychology and Education, the Russian Federation


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