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Youth Drive Change - UNESCO Youth Forum 2011, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France, 17-20 October 2011

The Forum encourages the participation of young women and men from all countries and backgrounds, with a variety of experiences and different levels of engagement in their communities.

The Forum assembles three categories of youth participants:


Being a youth delegate is a role of responsibility. Each youth delegate represents their country to the Forum, and is required to participate actively in the Forum, not only during the event, but also in the processes related to its preparation and its follow-up. In this framework, delegates will be asked, in the short term, to draft themselves the Forum’s strategic recommendations and select a series of action projects and, in the longer term, to follow-up in their implementation.

Thus, each delegate will represent the young people of his/her country and should have the ability to identify their needs and issues in order to engage in quality discussions during the Forum. Therefore youth delegates are encouraged to consult as many young women and men, and youth structures in their country and/or region in order to bring their perspectives to the Forum. The delegate will also need to be familiar with UNESCO’s work on youth (notably the Operational Strategy on Youth 2014-2021) and, if possible, international initiatives on youth. In addition, he/she will need to have some experience in project management.

Each Member State of UNESCO is invited to nominate, through its National Commission for UNESCO, one young delegate, woman or man, to represent it in the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum. Such delegate should be identified through a national participatory, consultative and transparent process involving peers.

The specific criteria are the following:

  • Age: between 18 and 24 years old.
  • Membership in a representative youth organization and involvement in youth-related issues at the community level: the nominated youth delegate should be an active member of youth organizations in their countries, involved in youth-related issues at the country or community level.
  • Experience in project management.
  • Participation of young women should be encouraged in the selection of the youth delegates.
  • Representation of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups (particularly from indigenous populations and youth with disabilities) should be encouraged in the selection of the youth delegate.
  • The selected youth delegate should not have participated in past editions of the Forum.
  • Family members and relatives of the staff working in the organization responsible for the selection and nomination process are not eligible to apply.

Should you be a youth wishing to be an official delegate who fulfils these criteria, kindly contact the National Commission for UNESCO of your country for details of the nomination process in your country and required documents.


Representatives of national governments, NGOs maintaining official relations with UNESCO, United Nations agencies and major IGOs, youth-related NGOs, youth diaspora associations, UNESCO Chairs, clubs, category 1 and 2 institutes and centres, as well as the private sector and media partners, will be invited to participate in the Forum as observers. The observers are expected to bear the costs related to their participation.

If you interested to participate as an observer, and you are member of a youth organization maintaining official relations with UNESCO, kindly contact directly the organization in question. For any other case (local, regional or international youth NGO or entity), kindly communicate to us your interest to participate in the Forum, and send a description of your organization to youth(at)


UNESCO will call upon motivated young women and men to contribute to the work of the Secretariat on a voluntary basis before and during the Youth Forum.

Should you be interested and able to bear the expenses of your stay in Paris on this occasion, please contact us at youth(at)

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