Short-list of 45 Action Projects

Throughout the second day of the UNESCO Youth Forum (30 October) the participants will work in five parallel regional groups to select a total of 15 youth-led action projects (3 per region) that will receive the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum label. The label is a guarantee of the quality and excellence of these projects, and will provide the project leaders with opportunities to mobilize funds, partnerships and international visibility. These final 15 will then be communicated to the UNESCO General Conference.

These 15 projects will be selected from among the 45 Action Projects (9 per region) that were shortlisted for the Forum by an independent international jury. The 45 shortlisted projects were themselves identified from among an astonishing total of 1,532 youth-led action-project proposals that were received, following the Youth Forum’s call for Action Projects in July 2013.

Have a look at the 45 shortlisted projects, per region:


The Jury

The international independent jury was a group formed for this specific process within the structure of the UNESCO Youth Forum, so as to ensure an external eye and complete objectivity throughout the selection of the 45 shortlisted projects. No UNESCO staff member was engaged in the Jury.

The Jury was composed of 19 members, 10 women and 9 men, with balanced regional representation. In terms of the jurors’ capacities, the jury is composed of: 

•    Five young participants from former UNESCO Youth Forums who have a track record of youth-led action and civic engagement in their respective regions and/or inter-regionally (1 juror from each region).

•    Ten youth representatives of regional youth-led or youth-focused bodies and institutions, namely:
o    Asia Students Association (ASA)
o    Asian-Pacific Students and Youth Association
o    Center of Arab Woman for Training and Research
o    Collectif Bus Citoyen
o    European Youth Forum
o    Iberoamerican Space of Youth (EIJ)
o    Latin American Youth Forum (FLAJ)
o    Network of International Youth Organisations of Africa (NIYOA)
o    Pacific Youth Council (PYC)
o    Pan-African Youth Union (PYU)

•    Four representatives from the UN System and international youth-led, youth-focused and development organizations, namely:
o    UN Interagency Network on Youth Development
o    Junior Chamber International
o    OXFAM International
o    Search for Common Ground

The Jury worked autonomously, with NO direction by the Secretariat. They collectively chose their working methodology, their criteria for the selection of the projects and their internal validation processes. The Jury’s final selection was based on projects that:

•    Best fulfilled the criteria specified in the original call for projects
•    Provided clear details about how they were going to be implemented
•    Were specific in their goals, attainable in their methodology and realistic in their budget and implementation process.

Even if your project was not retained among the 45 shortlisted projects, this does not mean that it is not valuable, nor that it does not correspond with UNESCO’s work. UNESCO has kept all 1,532 project proposals, which will constitute a “pool” of action projects and made available online, for partners and the public to consult, in case of interest.


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