Focus on capacity building

© Flickr / World Bank - D. Chavez

One of the key innovations of this 8th edition of the Forum consists in providing its young participants with multiple and varied tools to reinforce their inherent capacities, thereby allowing them to be more operational upon their return to their countries. The Forum therefore intends to give a particular place to capacity development so as to allow its young participants to leave, once the Forum ends, with a greater knowledge of the existing opportunities, so that they may become true actors of change in their communities, countries, and regions.

To this purpose, the Forum will provide, among others, two kinds of activities for youth participants:

  • Capacity building workshops

These workshops will take place in the morning of Day 3 (31 October), will aim at reinforcing the capacities of the young participants of the Forum in a variety of fields, placing notably an accent on developing and setting up projects.

  • “One-to-one” coaching and mentoring sessions

All throughout the Forum, face-to-face exchanges will be proposed to its 500 young participants from all over the world by UNESCO staff, private sector partners and civil society actors, as well as by UN agencies.

Such exchanges, organized around stands actuated by these partners, will be conceived to raise their awareness of the wide variety of possibilities available to them within the international community, as well as within the work and associative worlds.

Throughout the three days, these stands will be actuated by young staff deployed by the partners, who will inform and advise the young women and men of the diverse opportunities offered by their institutions, namely their ongoing projects, philosophies, values, objectives and methods.

The partners will be able, on the one hand, to promote their work among a young and international public, and on the other, to grasp the creative initiatives and novel ideas produced by youth, hence resulting in the creation of new synergies on both sides. 

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