Mark your agendas: key dates of the Forum’s preparatory process

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Young Construction Worker

The preparatory process leading to the Forum isbased on the evaluation by the youth participants of the last UNESCO Youth Forum (October 2011) and the preparatory online youth consultations that UNESCO conducted in February-April 2013. It will allow to:

  • Engage young women and men across the world and allow them to contribute and participate in the Forum’s process, regardless of whether they will be present in Paris in October 2013;
  • Kick-start the youth debates well in advance so as to give participants the opportunity to participate and to have more time to discuss, exchange their ideas, and to get to know each other as well as the work expected during the Forum;
  • Create a space for permanent online interaction so that the Forum is a continuous participatory process, constructed through youth inputs, contributions and actions before, during and after the Forum.

In short, the Forum is not limited to a three-day event, but goes beyond!

Key dates

  • 15 July – 12 August 2013
    Call for proposals for youth-led action projects. Submit your project!
  • 17 July – 19 August 2013
    Nomination of youth delegates by the National Commissions for UNESCO. For more information, please contact your country’s National Commission.
  • August 2013
    Nomination of observers by representatives of national governments, NGOs maintaining official relations with UNESCO, United Nations agencies and major IGOs, youth-related NGOs, youth diaspora associations, UNESCO Chairs, clubs, category 1 and 2 institutes and centres, as well as the private sector and media partners.
  • 21 August 2013
    Launch of the online discussion space for the preparation of the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum. Please visit this website regularly to receive updates and links to the platform and related information.
  • 26 August – 14 October 2013
    Online discussion to prepare the first draft of Forum recommendations.
  • End of August – mid September 2013
    An international independent Jury shortlists 45 youth-led action projects (9 per region), following the call for applications (see above). During the Forum, the youth delegates will have to select 15 among the 45 (3 per region) that will receive the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum label.
  • End of September – mid October 2013
    The 45 youth-led action projects that have been shortlisted by the Jury are posted to the online discussion space so that all young participants can have the opportunity to consult and exchange on them before the Forum.
  • 28 October 2013
    Arrival and registration of the participants, followed by a briefing session organized by the UNESCO Youth Team.
  • 29-31 October 2013
    8th UNESCO Youth Forum
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