Mongolia - Comité Nacional de la Memoria del Mundo


Kh. Chilaajav
Director of Mongolian Library
Government building XI
P.O.Box 38
Revolution avenue

Tel.: +(976)-11-315652
Fax: +(976)-11-322612
E-mail: mon.unesco(at) and mow_mongolia(at)


Programme specialist for communication and information 
Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO 

Otros miembros:

  • Director of Institute of Language and Literature, Mongolian Academy of Sciences
  • Director of Center for Cultural Heritage of Mongolia
  • Deputy-Director of General Archival Authority, the Government Agency of Mongolia
  • Director of School of Mongolian Studies, National University of Mongolia
  • Officer, External cooperation division of Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
  • Officer, Arts and Cultural policy division, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
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