Assessment of Media Development in the Maldives: Based on UNESCO’s Media Development Indicators

This Report assesses the overall state of media development in the Maldives, based on UNESCO's Media development indicators: a framework for assessing media development. The assessment of the Maldives takes into account the special situation of the country, particularly in terms of its size and consequent relative lack of capacity.

The indicators are based on five main media development categories, broken down into more detailed issues and key indicators. This Report follows the same format, providing a synopsis of the key strengths and weaknesses at the end of each of the five main sections.

The preparation of this Report is based on unstructured interviews conducting during a mission by the author to the Maldives from 12 to 22 April 2009, supplemented by information provided on an informal basis by email, and a review of the available literature.



  • Cantidad de páginas: 28 p.
  • Autor(es):  Mendel, Toby 
  • Año de publicación:  2009 
  • ISBN:  978-81-89218-32-4   
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