Configuration of Radio Stations and Media Centres

A practical guide to procurement of technical equipment for community media institutions.

The principle of this handbook is that it should be made easy for the community media initiatives to get started although the initial budget might be very limited. We operate with modules, where the basic equipment is basically identical whether it is for a small community radio or for a regional station. Thus, upgrading is a matter of adding equipment – not substituting. In other words, it will never be a waste of resources to start with a modest technical solution, because it can always be expanded or upgraded.



  • Cantidad de páginas: 55 p.
  • Autor(es): UNESCO, DaniCom, Niels Worsoe
  • Año de publicación: 2004
  • Editorial: UNESCO
  • Ubicación de la publicación: París
  • Título de la serie: IPDC E-Publication
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