Getting the Story and Telling it Right, HIV on TV: A Handbook for Television Trainers and Producers

The handbook is a reference and toolkit designed in three parts to support information and training needs by television producers and trainers. It draws examples from diverse productions including those of UNESCO’s Network of Young Television Producers on HIV and AIDS.

AIBD was supported by UNESCO to prepare the handbook which was tested for usability at several workshops. “We cannot ignore the scope and impact of HIV and AIDS,” said Director Javad Mottaghi. “Broadcasters can help to increase knowledge by ensuring that their staff is up-to-date and informed about all aspects of HIV. They can even save lives by engaging the public in discussion and dialogue about many of the controversial features of this challenging problem we face in current times,” he added. AIBD’s commitment to HIV prevention has been consistent. It is one of few broadcast training institutions that have a designated, full-time staff member working specifically on sensitizing broadcasters and training of TV producers on HIV-related issues.



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  • Cantidad de páginas: 140 p.
  • Autor(es): Madhu, K. P.; Malan, Mia; Engebretsen, Nanna; Hashmi, Moneeza; Sharma, Prerna; Etzenhouser, Shane
  • Año de publicación: 2009
  • ISBN: 978-983-43747-1-6
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