Global Forum Power of Peace: Building Peace through Communication and Information, Bali, Indonesia, 21-23 January 2007; final report

UNESCO in association with the Government of Indonesia hosted an International Forum ‘Power of Peace’ in Bali, from 21 to 23 January 2007. Recognized thinkers and practitioners from the public and private sectors met to develop strategies to best harness the power of the media and ICTs in a practical and effective way for the purpose of building awareness, dialogue, harmony and peace.

Over 200 delegates from more than 30 countries representing stakeholders from government, academia, research institutions, media, broadcasting, and ICT and NGO sectors were invited to convene in Bali, Indonesia.

The Forum Agenda was designed to start by addressing broad principles of dialogue and peace leading on to an increasingly focused discussion of collaboration and practical follow-up.

Media presentations were scheduled throughout the Forum to add energy and colour to proceedings, and to expose important innovations in the use of media and ICTs. Everyone in attendance was asked to participate in working groups with ample room to express all viewpoints. The culmination of the Forum was the adoption of a resolution, ‘The Spirit of Bali’, including recommendations for further action.

This narrative report of the Forum begins with a description of the structure, followed by highlights of the proceedings, a summary of recommendations from panels and working groups, and the final resolution for action.



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