Strategy framework for promoting ICT literacy in the Asia-Pacific region

This paper targets individuals and organizations engaged in providing ICT literacy education. It offers an analysis of ICT usage in Asia-Pacific countries and defines measures for promoting ICT literacy development in the region.
This paper, commissioned by UNESCO’s Office in Bangkok, provides, in its first section, a situational analysis of ICT usage in the Asia-Pacific region, both to examine current dominant thrusts in ICT literacy education and to serve as background for the strategy framework.

The second section details this framework. It defines goals, objectives, and approaches, as well as discusses conceptual and operational measures for promoting ICT literacy development throughout the Asia-Pacific region. By so doing, this paper helps contribute to Asia Pacific Information Network (APIN) ICT literacy programming efforts.



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  • Cantidad de páginas: 40 p.
  • Autor(es): Pernia, Elena E.
  • Año de publicación: 2008
  • ISBN: 978-92-9223-188-0
  • Editorial: UNESCO Bangkok
  • Ubicación de la publicación: Bangkok
  • Editor(es): Haddad, Caroline
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