The Regulatory environment for broadcasting: an international best practice survey for Brazilian stakeholders

This study, written by international experts, Toby Mendel and Eve Salomon, is an investigation of the current regulatory situation of the Brazilian media system in comparison with current practices in ten other democracies (Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Jamaica, Malaysia, South Africa, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States of America) and with recommendations of international law.

The overall aim of this publication is to provide some guidance to Brazil as it considers reform of the regulatory system for broadcasting. It aims to give Brazilian regulators and other stakeholders a better understanding of how the complex matter of broadcast regulation is dealt with in countries around the world and to help them understand how the current framework for regulation of broadcasting in Brazil compares to international standards and better practices. Finally, it is hoped that the Report will assist local stakeholders in making choices about how to improve the broadcasting regulation in Brazil.

The study is organised along thematic lines, under seven main headings, namely: Independent Regulatory Authorities, Licensing, Content Regulation, Positive Content Obligations, Public Service Broadcasters, Community Broadcasters and Other Issues. It focuses primarily on the regulatory frameworks for private, commercial broadcasting. There are, however, specific chapters dealing with public service broadcasting and community broadcasting, given that these are important parts of a democratic broadcasting ecology.



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