Um Levantamento inicial de necessidades e oportunidades de qualificação e capacitação profissional na Fundação Padre Anchieta e na Empresa Brasil de Comunicação

An initial survey of the needs and opportunities for professional training and qualification in the Padre Anchieta Foundation and Brazil Communications Company focuses on strengthening public broadcasting companies through professional qualification.

Part of the series CI Debates, this study is incorporated into the scope of the UNESCO concerns, related to the development of media systems in which a robust public broadcasting plays a key role, together with quality and independence from governments and political parties. Strategies for the qualification of the professionals who make the daily public broadcasting should take an outstanding place within this kind of media, according to the study conclusions.

Conducted by the consultant Marcelo Borges between February and June 2009, the study presents the results of a survey of needs and requirements related to qualification of two public broadcasting organizations in Brazil: the Padre Anchieta Foundation, connected to the government of São Paulo State, which keeps Radio and TV Cultura, and the Brazil Communications Company, connected to the federal government and responsible for TV Brazil.



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