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National strategies for e-learning in post-secondary education and training

In this book, it is argued that e-learning is bringing about an important shift within the education sector and is changing the very nature of learning. The flexibility and accessibility of information that characterize e-learning correspond to the new types of skills required of workers in a knowledge-based economy, and not necessarily only in the most developed countries.

New media: the press freedom dimension, challenges and opportunities of new media for press freedom

This book is a record of an international conference “New Media: The Press Freedom Dimension Challenges and Opportunities of New Media for Press Freedom”, which took place at UNESCO Headquarters from 15 to 16 February 2007.

New technologies for literacy and adult education: a global perspective

New technology can provide powerful new tools for enriching the lives of poor people and communities in unprecedented ways. At least that was the view of the G8 Digital Opportunities Task Force in 2001. A view that is upheld and further explored in the pages of this book.

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