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Um Levantamento inicial de necessidades e oportunidades de qualificação e capacitação profissional na Fundação Padre Anchieta e na Empresa Brasil de Comunicação

An initial survey of the needs and opportunities for professional training and qualification in the Padre Anchieta Foundation and Brazil Communications Company focuses on strengthening public broadcasting companies through professional qualification.

Understanding information literacy: a primer

This publication is an easy-to-read, non-technical overview explaining what "information literacy" means, designed for busy public policy-makers, business executives, civil society administrators and practicing professionals.

UNESCO and indigenous peoples: partnership to promote cultural diversity

This publication pays tribute to the significant place that indigenous cultures occupy in the world’s cultural landscape. The information booklet explains UNESCO’s vision, strategy, programme and mechanisms regarding intercultural dialogue and partnerships with indigenous peoples.

UNESCO's basic texts on the information society

One of UNESCO’s fundamental activities is the drafting of charters, declarations and recommendations intended to present the essence of its proposals for action in its fields of competence. This publication presents a selection of quotations from the Organization’s official texts, originating from all its programme sectors, which contribute to defining what the information society ought to be, without reducing the debate to purely technical issues.

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