Publicaciones por año: 2013

Caja de herramientas para la libertad de expresión: guía para estudiantes

La Caja de Herramientas para la Libertad de Expresión es una contribución de la UNESCO hacia la libertad de expresión y fue escrita pensando en los estudiantes de los últimos años de educación secundaria. Esta Caja cubre los principales conceptos y temas y está redactada en forma amena y fácil de entender.

Overview of information literacy resources worldwide

This collection of Information Literacy (IL) Resources from around the world is divided into 42 language lists and includes selected resources – from websites, books, journals and other kinds of publications – that were provided by contributors from different countries and institutions and compiled by Dr Forest Woody Horton Jr.

Pressing for Freedom: 20 years of World Press Freedom Day

For 20 years, May 3 has been a day when the world celebrates freedom of expression and stands together for its protection. This is the spirit of the 1991 Declaration of Windhoek, whose anniversary the United Nations General Assembly chose for World Press Freedom Day. UNESCO was instrumental in framing the Windhoek Declaration and works today to promote freedom of expression across the world.

UNESCO global report: opening new avenues for empowerment: ICTs to access information and knowledge for persons with disabilities

Building on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, this Global Report addresses strong recommendations to all stakeholders – from decision-makers to educators, civil society and industry – on how concretely to advance the rights of people living with disabilities. These recommendations draw on extensive research and consultations. Studies launched in five regions have allowed UNESCO to understand more clearly the conditions and challenges faced by persons with disabilities around the world.

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