Sobre la Educación artística

Art workshop, young girl drawing, UNESCO exhibition, artistic education

Art workshop, young girl drawing, UNESCO exhibition, artistic education. ©UNESCO/D.Roger

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The UNESCO Arts Education programme aims at establishing a common ground of understanding on the important role of arts education within the international community as well as encouraging exchanges of ideas, knowledge and practises in the field.

Since the International Appeal for the Promotion of Arts Education, approved by the 30th session of UNESCO's General Conference in 1999, the Organization has developed a structured programme through which a series of multi stakeholder activities were undertaken in promotion of arts education.

The efforts have especially been concretized through research studies, the organization of regional expert meetings, the holding of the First World Conference, followed by the Second, the making of advocacy documents such as the Road Map and Development goals and support to arts education resource bodies like observatories and chairs.

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