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One of the aims of the First Conference World Conference on Arts Education (Lisbon 2006) was to design a conceptual and practical framework, or “Road Map”, which provides advocacy and guidance for the strengthening of Arts Education at country level.

The Road Map aims to:

  • establish a basic framework of understanding of the concept of arts education;
  • advocate the importance and essential role of arts education;
  • offer strategic recommendations for policy related decisions and actions in implementing arts education.

The elaboration of the Road Map for Arts Education was a long-standing consultation process. The document was first elaborated by a pre-conference drafting group, then presented at the First World Conference and later revised and updated, following recommendations from NGOs and Member States. The Road Map was finally distributed to the UNESCO Member States in November 2007.

The Road Map is available in :

 English French | Spanish | Russian

Recommendations to the World Conference, which served as a basis for the making of the Road Map.


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