ALMOCA Inter-Cultural Creative Education Observatory (Kazakhstan)

The UNESCO Observatory (ALMOCA) focuses on the cross-cultural creative education and arts-specific learning of cultural diversity in Central Asian countries. 

The ALMOCA acts in close cooperation with the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs and partnering institutions aiming to:

  • contribute to children’s development and learning achievement;
  • improve the quality of education by tapping into locally-available (cultural) resources to introduce local issues and realities into the educational system;
  • increase creativity and innovation, and contribute to the safeguarding of cultural diversity.  The ALMOCA assists the art schools in conducting the subregional biennial UNESCO Festival 'Children Paint The World. Central Asia' 

ALMOCA serves as the sub regional hub for the arts education resources (primary and secondary schools), clearing-house for best practice in creative inter-cultural learning and academic research in incorporating the cultural diversity into academic development of art students. ALMOCA generates, collects and disseminates the information on existing challenges and current programs in arts education in Central Asian countries which promotes creative learning in and through the arts with an enhancement of international practices and partnership.  

The analytics, reports and reviews are available on the ALMOCA website in English and Russian Languages. Its vision is to connect teachers, researchers and education managers.

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