University of Melbourne, Australia

‘UNESCO Observatory Multi-disciplinary Research in the Arts’ has been relocated in 2012 from the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning to The Melbourne Graduate School of Education and its new host, The Early Learning Centre.

The Melbourne Graduate School of Education’s mission is to deliver relevant, high quality, high impact research, research-informed, clinical teacher education that develops graduates with the capacity to inspire and improve individual learning outcomes and outstanding quality postgraduate studies for professionals. MGSE is currently at the forefront of innovation in education, working with partners in early childhood settings, schools, tertiary institutions, governments and beyond, constantly seeking new and improved ways to support Australia’s education system.

The UNESCO Observatory is a research hub, clearing house and conduit to untapped research potential in the Asian and Pacific region, concentrating on the future benefit of society through education at all levels and across all areas. As the arts are now being recognised as effective mechanisms for overcoming disaffection, exclusion, marginalisation and poverty, the Observatory will crystallize through research the success and sustainability of arts programs across a multi-disciplinary field.

The Observatory's focus crosses over the areas of architecture; the physical, natural, social and health sciences; well-being, culture, heritage, arts practice, education in the arts, community arts practice, research methodology, philosophy, ethics and program evaluation across pure, strategic, applied and action research.


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