UNESCO-NIE Centre for Arts Research in Education (CARE)

The UNESCO-NIE Centre for Arts Research in Education (CARE) is a clearing-house of research on the instrumental benefits of arts in education in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region. It generates, collects and disseminates high-quality research which promotes education in and through the arts through a strong collaborative network between NIE, UNESCO and like-minded individuals in the Asia-Pacific region.

CARE’s vision is to be the hub and advocate for Arts Education research in Singapore and a continued beacon of light within the UNESCO network of observatories in the Southeast-Asian region.

Driven by the aim to ‘Bridge/Connect Arts Education and the Community,’ CARE sets out to remind arts educators in grounding their pedagogies and practices so that they are relevant and meaningful to the community they serve, taking into careful consideration the significance of social, cultural and historical contexts in a local/global/glocal world.

Our website’s address is http://www.unesco-care.nie.edu.sg/

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