Aprendizaje a lo largo de la vida y la educación artística

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What is an adequate period of time for arts education or is there any? Arts education should be open and available to all, just as art itself should be. As educators and governments have been concentrating increasingly on the topic of life-long arts education (continuing education), a demand to consolidate such requirements and expand the scope of arts education has rapidly grown. Groups of learners across all ages have become diversified and spatial restraints have been gradually removed, partly due to e-learning. The success of future perspectives will rely on the qualitative educational growth tapping into the potential of life-long learning. Across the international arena, various methodologies on life-long learning and arts education have been discussed. This session will reflect on the importance of lifelong learning in arts education and investigate the challenges in the realization of more effective and efficient life-long learning practices.

Moderator : Kyunghe Sung (South Korea)

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