Icheon, República de Corea

Ciudad del Artesanía y Arte Popular de la UNESCO

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Designated UNESCO City of Crafts and Folk Arts on 20th July 2010, Icheon became the 23rd member of the Network.

The city of Icheon boasts an outstanding history and tradition in crafts and has demonstrated to successfully blend culture, crafts and tourism with the main objective to preserve the traditional crafts and harmonize the contemporary crafts industry. There is a concerted effort between governmental organizations and the private sector to foster organized structures of creative industries through creation of clusters and special economic zones. No wonder Icheon is considered to be the Mecca of craft industry in Korea.

Craft Arts, Icheon. © City of Icheon

The city has developed a strong link between traditional crafts and contemporary industry by combining cultural and aesthetic uniqueness with cutting-edge science and technology and demonstrating the impact of traditional craft knowledge to contemporary needs.

Ceramic, sculpture, lacquer, brush, and ink stone crafts are specialized and representative traditional crafts of Icheon City today, and ceramics and sculpture boast their international reputation through festivals like the World Ceramic Biennale and International Sculpture Symposium.

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