Kanazawa, Japón

Ciudad del Artesanía y Arte Popular de la UNESCO

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The city of Kanazawa, Japan was appointed UNESCO City of Crafts and Folk Art on the 8th of June 2009.

Kanazawa is a typical Japanese city of traditional crafts, with a population of 450,000. Founded as a castle town in 1583, the city has been peaceful ever since, having avoided serious natural disasters and wartime bomb attacks. In Kanazawa, many kinds of crafts have been developed and preserved along with the city’s distinctive samurai culture and lifestyle.

Kanazawa gold leaves

The city of Kanazawa boasts an outstanding history and heritage relating to traditional crafts and folk art. The city’s efforts in linking traditional crafts aesthetics and techniques with modern technology in a spirit of creativity and innovation are very significant. The city also has a strong financial and infrastructural commitment to enhance the interest and awareness of traditional crafts among new generations.

Kanazawa is expected to give an exemplary effect to other cities by sharing its experience on how to foster the linkage between traditional craft and contemporary industry and nurture a sustainable crafts environment.

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