Nagoya, Japón

Ciudad del Diseño de la UNESCO

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The city of Nagoya, Japan, was appointed as a UNESCO City of Design in October 2008.

The development of Nagoya began in 1610 with the construction of Nagoya Castle. Top engineers gathered from all over the country and created advanced designs and technology such as mechanical dolls that can be said to be the foundation of today’s monozukuri manufacturing.

© City of Nagoya
Shiratori Garden, Nagoya

Since modern times, Nagoya has maintained a functional urban infrastructure and has gone on to use design to promote international exchange through many international activities. The International Design Center, a hub for creative design, opened in Nagoya after its Design City Declaration of 1989. In 1999, the city abandoned plans for the construction of a landfill and chose to protect a wetland area abundant in nature, and since then, the city, along with residents and businesses, has been seeking sustainable design, a balance between development and the environment.

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