Sídney, Australia

Ciudad del cine de la UNESCO

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On November 22nd, 2010, Sydney became the UNESCO City of Film to join Bradford in the network.

Film is – and has always been – a core part of what it means to be a Sydneysider. With regard to Sydney and its film industry, most of the developments are considered to demonstrate a dynamic balance between the different film-related sectors, public and private, as well as including the new media and technology field. 

The strength of Sydney’s film industry lies in its openness towards cinema of all cultures. Its mission to promote the cinema extends beyond its territory and allows the city to play a leadership role at the regional level. The recognition of Australia’s aboriginal culture through cinema is highly appreciable. The large density of film festivals as well as partnerships the city has with other cities throughout Australia characterizes Sydney’s film scene. In addition the city’s actions in favour of youth, such as training programmes that are relatively new yet diverse and highly dynamic, proves the city’s commitment to continuously generate innovation and creativity.

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